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Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is usually used to transfer drilling cuttings to feed to vertical cuttings dryer and cuttings colletction box. Also, it can transfer other small particle materials.  Low cost and reliable operation. Transport direction can be reversed, also can simultaneously transport materials in opposite directions.


Screw conveyor can be used with other transportation equipment to complete the combined or separate transportation of mixing, blending, dehydration, compound, unloading and stacking, etc.

Length and diameter of BZ screw conveyor can be customized according to different applications.

BZ Screw Conveyor Technical Specification:


Model Screw Diameter Screw Length Capacity Speed Motor Power


7.3m 15t/h 50-60RPM 4kw
BZLS200-110 11m 15t/h 50-60RPM 5.5kw
BZLS200-146 14.6m 15t/h 50-60RPM 7.5kw


7.3m 20t/h 50-60RPM 5.5kw
BZLS250-110 11m 20t/h 50-60RPM 7.5kw
BZLS250-146 14.6m 20t/h 50-60RPM 11kw


7.3m 30t/h 50-60RPM 5.5kw
BZLS300-110 11m 30t/h 50-60RPM 7.5kw
BZLS300-146 14.6m 30t/h 50-60RPM 11kw


7.3m 40t/h 50-60RPM 7.5kw
BZLS350-110 11m 40t/h 50-60RPM 11kw
BZLS350-146 14.6m 40t/h 50-60RPM 15kw


7.3m 50t/h 50-60RPM 11kw
BZLS400-110 11m 50t/h 50-60RPM 15kw
BZLS400-146 14.6m 50t/h 50-60RPM 18.5kw


7.3m 60t/h 50-60RPM 11kw
BZLS450-110 11m 60t/h 50-60RPM 15kw
BZLS450-146 14.6m 60t/h 50-60RPM 22kw

.         Size of lenght and diameter can be customized, flexible and large treatment capacityFeatures of BZ Screw Conveyor:

·        Be suitable for transporting all kinds of soft material, such as powder, granular and small piece of material like clay powder, coal       powder, cement, sand, grain, coal cinder, pebbles, cast iron, etc.
.        Screw is made of wear-resistant material, long service life
.       Designed with 12 feet of each section, easy to replace
.       Protection cover is provided, prevent materials being polluted and leaking
.       With frame structure, increase rigidity and be suitable for different install situations
·       Compact structure, small cross section, light weight, good sealing performance, high transmission efficiency, flexible, easy to install and uninstall, convenient to move, safe in operation.

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