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Centrifugal Pump

BZ solids control centrifugal pump is usually used for transferring slurry, drilling mud or waste water. It can be used as feeding pump for desander, desilter, or used as mixing pump for Jet Mud Mixer. Also it can be used as trip pump and supercharging pump for rig mud pump.


All BZ solids control centrifugal pump adopts tungsten carbide mechanical seal, pump casting and impeller are made of  hard ductile iron alloy, pump supporting skid is made of casting. Long service life.

BZ Centrifugal Pump Technical Specification:

Model Flow Lift Motor Speed Impeller
BZSB8X6-14 320m³/h 40m 75kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 14in
BZSB8X6-12 350m³/h 42m 1750RPM(60HZ) 12in
BZSB8X6-13 280m³/h 35m 55kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 13in
BZSB6X5-12 200m³/h 45m 1750RPM(60HZ) 12in
BZSB6X5-13 180m³/h 35m 45kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 13in
BZSB5X4-14 150m³/h 60m 1750RPM(60HZ) 14in
BZSB6X5-12 160m³/h 30m 37kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 12in
BZSB5X4-12 110m³/h 45m 1750RPM(60HZ) 12in
BZSB6X5-11 200m³/h 21m 30kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 11in
BZSB5X4-11 110m³/h 35m 1750RPM(60HZ) 11in
BZSB5X4-12 90m³/h 30m 22kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 12in
BZSB5X4-10 100m³/h 30m 1750RPM(60HZ) 10in
BZSB5X4-11 90m³/h 24m 18.5kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 11in
BZSB4X3-12 55m³/h 45m 1750RPM(60HZ) 12in
BZSB4X3-13 50m³/h 40m 15kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 13in
BZSB4X3-11 55m³/h 35m 1750RPM(60HZ) 11in
BZSB4X3-12 45m³/h 30m 11kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 12in
BZSB3X2-12 28m³/h 45m 1750RPM(60HZ) 12in
BZSB3X2-12 45m³/h 24m 7.5kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 12in
BZSB3X2-11 25m³/h 35m 1750RPM(60HZ) 11in
BZSB3X2-11 20m³/h 23m 5.5kw 1450RPM(50HZ) 11in

Features of BZ Centrifugal Pump:

·         Adopts durable mechanical seal, long service life
.         Pump casting and impeller are made of  hard ductile iron alloy, pump supporting skid is made of casting. Long service life
·         Compact and small footprint, low noise, less maintenance cost
.         Branded bearings for durable operation

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