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Vacuum Suction Shale Shaker

BZ vacuum suction device is a device working together with shale shakers to reduce drilling waste and recycle more drilling fluids.


A suction pan is installed under the last screen of shale shakers. A suction hose is connected with vacuum device. Compressed air from air compressor is required to create vacuum suction on the last screen, pulling additional fluid off the cuttings by 20%-30%. In a result, maximizing the volume of recovered drilling fluids and geting dryer cuttings. Saving money on drilling fluid and drilling waste management.

BZ Vacuum Suction Shale Shaker Technical Specification:

Model FBZS583 FBZS584
Vibration mode Liner Motion
Capacity ≤140m³/h ≤170m³/h
Motor 2×2.2KW
Screen Qty(pcs) 3 4
Screen Size 585×1165mm 585×1165mm
Adjustable G Force ≤7.5G
Vibration Amplitude 4.5~6.0mm
Deck Angle -1°~5°
Supply Air Pressure 0.7-1.0Mpa
Air Capacity Required 4.5m³/min
Recovery Effciency 30%-50%
EX Standard ExdIIBt4/IECEX/A-TEX
Weight 1420kg 1570kg
Dimension 2140×1978×1415mm 3004×1978×1415mm
Remark No electrical, air operated, adjustable suction time

Features of BZ Vacuum Suction Shale Shaker:

·         Widely be applicated on OBM, SBM, and WBM treatment. Recovering more drilling fluid and reducing drilling waste
.         Be suitable to treat high viscosity drilling fluid, drilling waste and oil sludge
·         Both onshore and offshore application
·         Less foot print and easy installation without welding
·         Finer shaker screen can be used to improve solids control efficiency
·         No electric power required, be suitable to work in hazardous areas
.         One vacuum device can be connectted with 3 shale shakers mostly
·         Suction and discharge time is adjustable according to different drilling conditions

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